Lovely Moments

Dear guests, we want to share with you a part of our beautiful story. A few of our lovely moments that we have had together, which brought us to the special event that you will celebrate with us.

Our first date

We can say that perseverance is one of Sandrin’s strongest qualities. This is the only explanation for why he didn’t quit, even after all of those numerous postpones for his romantic dinner invitations. His perseverance made this moment become more precious and desired, therefore our first romantic dinner unfolded the path towards love.

A lovely kiss

With time, we discovered eachother, we learned from eachother, we encouraged eachother when needed and we both fell deeper in love with every kiss.

Happy ring

Our happy ring, the symbol of eternity and of love without beginning or end. A reminder of the soulmate, which was offered with sincerity in the eyes and love in the soul and which was received with feelings of ardour and innocence.

Beautiful flower

With each date, chivalry and romanticism took place. The beautiful flowers never ceased to appear, not after the third date and neither after the tenth one. This gesture of appreciation and periodical attention makes the feeling of affection deepen and bathe into an ocean of love.