"Raluca... a grown up little bee, hard working and responsable. A bee who, even though is serious and works very hard, she also knows how to have fun, to be funny and to share good vibes all around her. I feel that I can talk to her about anything because she will always listen and will try to give her best advice." -Pixie

"Gladly for me, Raluca is creative, fun, a great friend and listener, but also competitive and quite a fighter when the time calls." -Marius

"Raluca, I've known her since forever. She is one of my best friends, the one who understands all of my jokes, which means that she has a great sense of humor. A cat lover, such a big heart, a great personality and very independent. She's the one who found true love! And true love never ends!" -Laura

"What I like the most about Raluca is the fact that we can be ourselves, that we trust and that we can rely on eachother. I do not think that there is any sibling relationship better than ours and I hope that it will be the same forever. The only person that I truly trust and I know that she will be by my side no matter what happens." -Raul