About Him

"Sandrin is a sentimental guy, but he doesn't always show it. He needs to learn how to detach and not pay attention to everyone's opinion. Sandrin has many qualities and I think that now he is on the right track." -Andrei

"Sandrin is a full grown man now, I see him as the man who would give everything for the person he loves. He is a faithful man, talkative and he always has a joke up his sleeve, when you least expect it." -Elmedina

"Sandrin's life went on a road paved with a lot of love. His relationship with Raluca proved me that my cousin can be funny, intelligently ironic, but also a hard working family man." -Flo

"Adrian is a sweet, nice and caring person, but most of all, he is a fighter. Something I have always looked up to. He keeps going even through the roughest times. He has lost himself and found himself again many times and each time he became a better and stronger person from it." -NoƩmie